Are you new to trade compliance and unsure if export control regulations apply to your company? Take our simple quiz to find out!

  • Do you design/make products designed for or are capable of completing military tasks?
  • Do you design/make highly technological (e.g. encryption, marine vessels including parts, aircraft including parts, etc.) or electronic products (e.g. integrated circuits, computers, telecommunications, cameras, lasers, etc.)?
  • Do you make chemical substances?
  • Do you ship products out of the United States?
  • Do you sell product to the U.S. military or a foreign military?
  • Do you employ non-U.S. or foreign persons (anybody that is working under a work visa or DACA)?
  • Have you had non-U.S. or foreign persons at your facility and answered yes to one of the above product questions?
  • Have you had suppliers and/or contractors bring non-U.S. persons into your facility?
  • Do you use O365 products and answered yes to one of the above product questions?
  • Do you store information in non-U.S. locations?
  • Do you use outsource your IT?
  • Do you purchase from non-U.S. sources or do your suppliers make your products in non-U.S. locations?
  • Do you travel outside of the U.S.?
  • Do you take products to non-U.S. trade shows or demonstrations?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then export control laws DO apply to you!

If you’re new to the industry and don’t know where to start, our ITAR Kickstarter Program will be your new best friend. This service includes an onsite assessment of your company’s current compliance program and risk profile, written report with gap analysis, specific and actionable recommendations, assistance with Department of State registration (if required), regulatory training, and much more.

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