Export Compliance Mission Statement

Whether or not your export compliance function has a mission statement, I recommend you adopt the following: Our mission is to deliver accurate and timely export control decisions.

It is a simple statement, but how do you achieve this mission?

On October 24th, I’m chairing the SIA IT & Export Controls Seminar, which has a single purpose: empower you to meet this mission. Taking a step back from the IT angle for a moment, the seminar will define the information you need to make an accurate and timely export control decision, and how to get it.

The vast majority of export control-related delays are due to gaps in the information required to make an accurate decision at time of transaction. Whether an export controls decision is manual or automated, decision makers, human or machine, must block a transaction in the absence of complete decision making criteria.

The seminar will define the requirements, and the upstream business functions and processes where these information “capture” and “validation” requirements must be integrated, necessary for accurate and timely downstream decisions. As most of these business processes are executed in IT systems, understanding these requirements relative to IT is critical. Moreover, as the vast majority of exports occur in IT systems (data access and transfers), or are initiated in IT systems (ERP shipments), export control decisions must be automated and integrated into IT systems.

If we don’t standardize, automate, integrate, and continuously improve our export controls, if we don’t modernize our export compliance programs, our national security will be eroded. It’s already happening. That’s why we’re doing this seminar. Don’t miss out on the most cutting-edge and important export controls training ever offered (yes, I said that). Seating is limited, and you need to be there.

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