2019 is off to a fast start with continued growth for our company. We’re thrilled to announce that David Threm has joined the TC Engine team.

David Threm, Chief Information OfficerAs Chief Information Officer, David will manage the development, implementation, and maintenance of TC Engine’s technical solutions. We’ve worked with David before – he delivers.

At ITT, David Threm managed a team of 90 developers and was responsible for delivering the technical solutions required under ITT’s 2004 & 2007 Consent Agreements. David most recently served as the CIO of a financial brokerage firm. Now, we’re leveraging his skill sets and experience to deliver cutting-edge global trade solutions. David’s a game-changer.

David earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Ohio State University, and both his master’s degree in computer science and doctorate in integrated computing from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

You can view the full TC Engine team here or connect with David on LinkedIn.