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Welcome to TCE, where we power compliance innovation for the digital age.

Our Vision

TCEngine Inc. envisions a future where AI-driven solutions revolutionize compliance management and process debt reduction.

Our Mission

TCEngine Inc.’s mission is to empower organizations with innovative compliance solutions that simplify processes and drive cultural change.

Our Mantra

TCEngine Inc.’s mantra is “Simple changes culture”, “Execution exceeding expectations

About TC Engine

Powering the way for Global trade compliance

Welcome to TCE, where we power compliance innovation for the digital age. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions for the identification, control, tracking, and remediation of sensitive data location, access, and transfer. By embedding compliance data science in COTS applications and leveraging AI, we close the gap between evolving compliance risks and outdated compliance controls.

Our team is a diverse group of compliance practitioners, IT architects, data scientists, technologists, security engineers, and developers, all committed to developing innovative compliance solutions. Our software delivers capabilities to safeguard and compliantly release sensitive data, with a country-and regime-agnostic approach, making it suitable for any data compliance use case.

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Areas of Expertise

Who We Are

Our Products and Services

  1. Compliance Data Science (CDS) CDS is essential for successful digital transformation, enabling companies to deploy common data and decision models throughout their enterprise ecosystems. Our Snap-in data models simplify data science for compliance, allowing you to easily integrate what you need.

  2. Regulation Engine The Regulation Engine streamlines regulatory compliance with an AI-powered interface, providing an easy way to navigate complex regulations, monitor changes, and maintain a constantly updated corpus of regulatory content.

  3. Classification Engine Our Classification Engine, a web app installed in your cloud environment, facilitates export classification through decision trees and AI, accelerating your company’s capabilities for accurate and timely classification decisions.

  4. Authorization Engine Leveraging AI technology, TCE’s Authorization Engine streamlines the management of Export Authorizations (ExAuths) and ensures that release authorization is available for electronic decision-making.

  5. Tagging Engine Powered by Titus, the Tagging Engine desktop app enables users to efficiently and accurately tag data through a drag-and-drop interface, integrating with TCE’s Classification Engine and Authorization Engine for simplified and accurate file metadata tagging.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology by an organization to digitize non-digital products, services, or operations. TCE is committed to helping businesses accelerate and maximize their digital transformation journey through our innovative compliance solutions and expert guidance.

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Matt Henson

Matt Henson has spent his career working the intersection of global commerce, export regulations, and information technology. He specializes in the automation of trade compliance process and controls in IT networks, systems, and data. Today, Matt helps companies implement data safeguarding and compliant release capabilities.


Dave Harris

David Harris is well-known in the field of IT and trade control for his expertise in the convergence of these two areas. He has made significant contributions to the understanding and implementation of IT systems and controls in international trade over the past 20 years. He is considered an expert in the field of global trade compliance, with a focus on the use of technology to automate compliance processes and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

He has experience in the areas of product classification, trade agreement qualification, and export control compliance and has spoken at numerous conferences on these topics.

In his current role as a partner at TC Engine, he helps our clients provide software solutions that automate trade compliance processes, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and meet regulatory requirements.


Krishna Prasad

As Partner at TC Engine, Krishna Prasad has extensive experience at the crossroads of Global Trade Compliance, Technology (AI, NLP, Blockchain) and Product Engineering. With in-depth understanding of ITAR, EAR, and other relevant government regulations, he is essential in creating innovative solutions for companies navigating global trade control and orchestration.

Krishna’s background includes his role as VP Engineering at the multibillion-dollar organization HCL, as well as his experiences co-founding two start-ups. As a Founding Member in his first start-up in 2006, he worked closely with the CEO to create several revenue-generating products and help the company grow from $5 million to $20 million. As a Founding Member in his second start-up in 2008, he saved over $10 million in operating costs by utilizing DevOps and automation to quickly bring the product to market. He has also consulted for major companies such as Boeing, FedEx, and Dell. he holds four patents in NLP and AI and has expertise in Blockchain and AI (Azure Cognitive Service) enhances TC Engine’s capabilities. With Krishna’s guidance, TC Engine is poised for success in the global trade control and orchestration industry.

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