Data location and access control capabilities

Leading causes of regulatory violations and penalties (e.g., ITAR Consent Agreements) are rooted in the following “known-unknowns:”

  • Unknown data
  • Unknown data in unknown storage locations
  • Unknown users with potential access to unknown data
  • Unknown users who have actually accessed unknown data

To address this compliance debt, TC Engine leverages the StealthAUDIT solution by Netwrix.  The solution identifies sensitive data, its location, who has potential access, and tracks who is actually accessing the data.  The solution provides remediation such as open permissions removal (e.g., global access groups enabling any authenticated user to potentially access ECI on a file share), unauthorized data removal, and unauthorized user access removal.

TC Engine’s in-depth knowledge of compliance domains, such as the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), combined with our technical capabilities, enable us to deliver the location and access control capabilities required for sensitive data safeguarding and compliant release.


  • StealthAUDIT – identify, remediate, and control unstructured data location and access
  • TC Engine StealthAUDIT Titus Plug-in – leverage Titus metadata tags in StealthAUDIT sensitive data reports and remediation
  • ECI File Extension Scan – leverage our out-of-the box file scan to identify ECI

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