Classification Engine

Delivering accurate and timely classification decisions

Difficulty in delivering accurate and timely export classification decisions is one of the biggest barriers to maximizing compliant global trade. An item cannot be exported compliantly without first knowing the item’s classification. This is why TCE built the Classification Engine. 

TCE’s Classification Engine, a Web app installed in a customer’s cloud environment, facilitates export classification through the use of decision trees and AI. It accelerates a company’s capabilities to deliver repeatable, reproducible, accurate, and timely classification decisions.

With an API-first approach, the Classification Engine can be easily integrated to deliver Export Control Values (ECVs) in structured data systems (e.g., ERP, PLM, etc.).  In addition, the Classification Engine integrates with TCE’s Tagging Engine to deliver ECVs in unstructured data (i.e., files).

The Classification Engine empowers people closest to the technology to derive accurate and timely classification decisions by answering pre-configured questions in a decision tree.  The questions and answers document the decision path, with all paths arriving at a classification or escalation decision.  The decision tree capability, combined with AI-assist technology, increases classification efficiency, accuracy, and throughput.

Capabilities include:

  • Advanced Classification Search – quickly identify relevant classifications and document classification decisions.
  • Classification through Decision Tree – achieve repeatable and reproducible export classification determinations.
  • Multi-country Classification – support multiple multiple countries’ export classifications on the same item.
  • AI Assist – leverage AI to inform decision tree design and apply confidence-based, cross-regulation classification.
  • Classification Chat – leverage AI to quickly interrogate curated content and compile meaningful responses.
  • Classification Federation – federate requests, determinations, classification attributes throughout the IT ecosystem via API.
  • Tagging Engine Integration – enable Export Controlled Information (ECI) file metadata tagging through association to an export classified item.

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