Tagging Engine

Simplified data tagging and marking

Before information can be properly controlled and tracked, it must first be identified.  The Tagging Engine desktop app, powered by Titus, enables users to efficiently and accurately tag data through a drag-and-drop interface.

Integration with TCE’s Classification Engine and Authorization engine enable users to simply and accurately apply file metadata tags and visual markings through associations to favorites, Classification Engine records, and Authorization Engine records.  The tags enable automated controls that enforce and monitor data safeguarding and compliant release.  The Tagging Engine is country-and regime-agnostic. 

Capabilities include:

  • Drag-and-Tag – fine-grained metadata tagging via a simplified user experience.
    • Classification Engine Integration – authorized users apply ECI tags through drag-and-drop association to materials, hardware, and software classifications.
    • Authorization Engine Integration – authorized users apply ECI and ExAuth tags through drag-and-drop association to ExAuth line items
  • Smart UI – users only see the options they are authorized to see.
  • Fine-grained Tagging – apply fine-grained metadata tags through our integration with Titus.
  • Monolithic Tagging – apply concatenated labels through our integration with Microsoft’s Purview (formerly “MIP”)
  • Multi-Use Case Support – support any number of sensitive information tagging use cases (i.e., IP, CUI, PII, PHI, etc.)
  • Office Plug-in – simplified in-file tagging experience using modern Office plug-in

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