Krishna Prasad

As Partner at TC Engine, Krishna Prasad has extensive experience at the crossroads of Global Trade Compliance, Technology (AI, NLP, Blockchain) and Product Engineering. With in-depth understanding of ITAR, EAR, and other relevant government regulations, he is essential in creating innovative solutions for companies navigating global trade control and orchestration.

Krishna’s background includes his role as VP Engineering at the multibillion-dollar organization HCL, as well as his experiences co-founding two start-ups. As a Founding Member in his first start-up in 2006, he worked closely with the CEO to create several revenue-generating products and help the company grow from $5 million to $20 million. As a Founding Member in his second start-up in 2008, he saved over $10 million in operating costs by utilizing DevOps and automation to quickly bring the product to market. He has also consulted for major companies such as Boeing, FedEx, and Dell. he holds four patents in NLP and AI and has expertise in Blockchain and AI (Azure Cognitive Service) enhances TC Engine’s capabilities. With Krishna’s guidance, TC Engine is poised for success in the global trade control and orchestration industry.