ITAR ECI Flow-down Requirements

As the DIB works itself into a lather over CMMC flow-down requirements for “good security hygiene,” are we ignoring the elephant in the room? ITAR requirements flow-down via the DFARS, apply throughout the supply chain, and extend internationally.

The Top DIB Compliance Risk – ITAR Potential Access

If you don’t know what “Potential Access” risk means in the context of export controls, you should. It is what keeps those in-the-know up at night, and is the single greatest ITAR export compliance risk facing the DIB. Export compliance and IT security professionals

Delivering DIB Compliance Certainty

I’ve shared my take on DIB Compliance Debt and the top DIB compliance risk, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The techniques and technologies required to deliver compliance certainty are proven.

Compliance Technology Spotlight

When it comes to DIB Compliance Debt, there’s no silver bullet. However, there are products that put a ton of compliance-lead downrange. In TC Engine’s capabilities matrix, Varonis delivers more compliance capability than any other product.

Data Compliance – Granularity Required

Let’s say I invite you to the house for a BBQ. You say “sure,” and ask “where’s your house?” As I answer the question in the following ways, we go back-and-forth: “Earth,” “North America,” “the United States,” “Indiana,” “NE Indiana,” “Fort Wayne,” “North of X road and East of X road,