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When it comes to DIB Compliance Debt, there’s no silver bullet. However, there are products that put a ton of compliance-lead downrange. In TC Engine’s capabilities matrix, Varonis delivers more compliance capability than any other product. More importantly, Varonis directly mitigates The Top DIB Compliance Risk – ITAR Potential Access for unstructured data.

Varonis delivers capabilities critical to understanding your unstructured data landscape (even more so when you’re tagging data with Titus), to include the data storage locations, the types of data therein, the groups/users with potential access, and the users actually accessing the data. Varonis delivers capabilities to discover and remediate unstructured data access at scale.

When it comes to solving for DIB Compliance Debt, the value of Varonis cannot be overstated. There are Varonis haves and have-nots. If you’d like to learn more about how Varonis can be leveraged to burn-down compliance debt, shoot me a private message.

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